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New members

Nine scientists have been elected as members of The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters on December 17, 2018: Professor Sara Heinämaa, University of Jyväskylä, Professor Veijo Kaitala, University of Helsinki, Professor Altti Kuusamo, University of Turku, Professor Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, University of Helsinki, Doctor Kai Mikkonen, University of Helsinki, Doctor Pia Olsson, University of Helsinki, Professor Martin Romantschuk, University of Helsinki, Professor Cecilia Sahlgren, Åbo Akademi University and Doctor Peter Söderlund, Åbo Akademi University.

Professor Carl G. Gahmberg honorary member

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters nominated Professor Carl G. Gahmberg as honorary member on September 17, 2018.

Grants awarded in 2018

Grants awarded in 2018

New address

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters new address is Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 7 A 6, 00130 Helsinki. The office is on the 4th floor.

Medical Prizes

At its 75th anniversary 29.11.2017 the Association for Medical support “Liv och Hälsa r.f.” has awarded professor emeritus Carl G. Gahmberg (Helsinki) and professor Eija Kalso (University of Helsinki) two prizes of 50.000€ each.