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Symposium 19.10.2022: Ukrainian researchers in Finland


Ukrainian researchers in Finland
– Symposium of The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

Time:            Wednesday 19 October 2022, 14:00 – 18:00

Venue:          House of Science and Letters
                       Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki

After Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine on 24th February 2022, the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters took prompt action to help Ukrainian scientists affected by the war. Just a little more than a week after the outbreak of war, the Society made grants for scientific research in Finland available to Ukrainian scientists who sorely needed assistance. In a short period of time, we granted 14 stipends to a total amount of 171 360 euro.

The purpose of the symposium is to bring our Ukrainian grantees together and give them the opportunity to present their research and make contacts with their co-patriots and with Finnish researchers. The seminar will end with a discussion of the current situation of research and education in Ukraine and Finland.

The symposium is open to everyone. There is no entrance fee. Welcome to the House of Sciences and Letters or follow the event via this link.


14:00 Professor Hannu Koskinen, President of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters:
Welcome address

14:05 Her Exellency Olga Dibrova, Ambassador of Ukraine to Finland:
Opening address

14:20 Oleksandra Nenko, University of the Arts Helsinki:
Ukrainian Arts in the Times of the War. Reflections on Changes and Challenges

14:40 Nataliia Odnosum, University of Helsinki:
Boris Pasternak’s novel ”Doctor Zhivago” in the context of spiritual autobiography genre

15:00 Nataliia Novosolova, University of Eastern Finland:
Ukraine: Loose everything in one day
Between: change the life in 4 days
Finland: the new feel of life and research

15:20 Mariia Prystupa, University of Helsinki:
The contested landscapes of labor

15:40 Coffee break

16:00 Yuliia Bardadym, University of Helsinki:
Polymer research in Kyiv and Helsinki

16:20 Alina Hruba, University of Helsinki:
Finnish research towards Nordic legal studies

16:40 Oksana Domina, University of Helsinki:
The evolution of marketing industry: on the example of Finland and Ukraine

17:00 Mykola Iakovenko, University of Eastern Finland:
The energy law and policy research after the 2022 invasion of Ukraine: how security rational is overtaking the market paradigm

17.20 Discussion, moderator Professor Charlotta Wolff, University of Turku

17.45 Professor Mats Gyllenberg, Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters:
Closing remarks

More information:
Professor Mats Gyllenberg
Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
E-mail: secretarius@scientiarum.fi
Phone: + 358 50 433 2920

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