The Finnish Society of Sciences And Letters

Grants and prizes

Over the years the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters has received significant donations. This makes a relatively large distribution of annual research grants possible. 


The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters supports research in natural sciences, biosciences, humanities and the social sciences. The Sohlberg delegation supports postgraduate research within the geosciences (incl. geography) about the natural conditions in Finland and the Nordic countries. Grants are awarded for for conference trips, fieldtrips and purchase of programs (not purchase of equipment).

Apart from the scholarships funded by the Society’s own funds, the Society also makes the decisions on the grants from the Magnus Ehrnrooth  Foundation and the Ruth and Nils-Erik Stenbäck’s Foundation.

Grants awarded 2020

Grants awarded 2020

Grant application 2021

The Finnish Society of Science and Letters next grant application period is in January 2021. The application should be made electronically through this link.


For non-members the application must be recommended by two members of the Society. The recommendation is made electronically and may be submitted through this link.



The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters have their own prizes but also administer and help with the decision of others.

Professor E.J. Nyström Prize is awarded annually for scientific accomplishments. The prize alternates between the four sections.

Professor Theodor Homén Prize is awarded annually and alternates between physics and the history of Finland.

State Councillor Lorenz Lindelöf Prize is awarded every third year for scientific work in mathematics. The price was created in 2013 and was awarded for the first time at the 175 year jubilee in april 2013.

Magnus Ehrnrooths foundation Prize for mathematics is awarded annually and alternates between mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Two teacher prizes are annually awarded to prominent upper secondary teachers for education in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. An important criterion for the prize is that the students of the receiver of the prize must have applied to universities within the respective areas.

Ruth and Nils-Erik Stenbäck Foundation annually admits grants to young researchers in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Mikael Björnberg Memorial Fund awards a grant to a young resercher in physics, preferably theoretical physics.

The Society’s medal in bronze or silver, crafted by Alexander Baharev, is awarded based on special actions for the Society.