The Finnish Society of Sciences And Letters

About Us

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

was founded in 1838. It is an Academy for all branches of science and scholarship. Its aim is to promote high-quality research, scholarship, networking and dissemination of information by:

  • arranging presentations, symposia and conferences,
  • publishing scholarly contributions,
  • awarding prizes,
  • providing financial support,
  • promoting national and international contacts,
  • stimulating transdisciplinary discussion.

Members and sections

The Society has ordinary members, foreign members and honorary members. All members are permanent and invited by the Plenum of the Society. At the age of 67 years, an ordinary member reaches the ranks of the Seniors and a new ordinary member is invited.

The Society has four sections, each with 30 ordinary members, representing:

I mathematics and physics,
II biosciences,
III humanities,
IV social sciences.