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The History of Science in Finland – Oral History and Individual Recollections


Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters is part of a large project on the history of science in Finland, in which personal narratives and recollections by scientists and researchers that are or have been active in Finland are gathered. The collection is organized in collaboration with The Finnish Literature Society (SKS), the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS), the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, the National Archives of Finland, and the Finnish Historical Society.

The purpose of the oral historical element of this project is to collect information about the development of practices across scientific disciplines in Finland. We are interested in hearing about the respondents’ own descriptions, definitions and demarcations of their respective fields of expertise. “Narrating by writing” is an excellent way of accessing information about processes to which the respondents themselves have contributed. Documented experiences by scientific practitioners are valuable sources for historical studies of science and knowledge.

The collection can be found here.

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