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Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Vice-Chair: Matti Miestamo

The Section of Humanities comprises all the main subjects regarded as belonging to the humanities: languages, philology and linguistics, history and archaeology, the fine arts (literature, music, art history and architecture, the cinema, aesthetics and art education, classical literature and history, philosophy, folklore and comparative religion. The section also has a considerable body of expertise in non-European languages and cultures. The section’s members play an active part as speakers in the Society’s meetings and seminars, and it also arranges its own seminars on topics of current interest.

Humanities section members actively participate as presenters at the Finnish Science Society’s meetings and seminars; the section also organizes its own seminars on current topics. The section has a committee that, if necessary, makes proposals for award nominations for international awards.

Research belonging to the humanities section is mainly published in the publication series Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum in congressional language, but also in Contribution to awareness of Finland’s nature and people series in native languages. The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters’ honorary member from the Section of Humanities is the professor of Roman archeology Eva Margareta Steinby.