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Professor Jessica Rosenholm (Åbo Akademi)

Jessica Rosenholm receives the Professor E.J. Nyström Prize 2024


The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters awarded, during its annual celebration on April 29th, seven laureates for their contributions in chemistry, history, mathematics, physics, and pedagogy. The total prize amount was 101,000 euros.

The most prestigious award, the Professor E.J. Nyström Prize (30,000 €), was granted to Professor Jessica Rosenholm (Åbo Akademi) for her outstanding work in pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry.

Prizes were also awarded to:

Professor Yrjö Varpio, Tampere University (Professor Theodor Homén’s Prize in the History of the Homeland, 20,000 €)

Professor Jouko Väänänen, University of Helsinki (Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation Prize in Mathematics, 20,000 €)

PhD Kukka-Emilia Huhtinen, ETH Zurich (PhD Mikael Björnberg’s Memorial Fund Prize, 10,000 €)

Cecilia Högback (Teacher Prize, Ålands lyceum, 5,000 €)

Maarit Riihijärvi (Teacher Prize, Pyhäjärven lukio, 5,000 €)

Peppi O’Connor (Teacher Prize, Linnankosken lukio, 5 000 €)

The schools of the teacher prize winners will also receive 2,000 € each to develop the respective subjects.