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The following scientists have been elected as members of The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters on December 20, 2021: Professor Minna Palmroth (University of Helsinki), Associate Professor Indre Zliobaite (University of Helsinki), Professor Monika Österberg (Aalto-universitet), Professor Sarah Butcher (University of Helsinki), Professor Ulrika Candolin (University of Helsinki), Academy Professor Eero Castrén (University of Helsinki), Professor Mikael Fogelholm (University of Helsinki), Professor Miska Luoto (University of Helsinki), Professor Jouko Rikkinen (University of Helsinki), Docent Ruth Illman (The Doner Institute), Professor Eeva Heiskanen (University of Helsinki) and Professor Erika Löfström (University of Helsinki).


The following scientists were elected as foreign members: Professor Antonio Bascones-Martinez (Complutense University, Madrid) and Professor Hans Walter Gabler (Ludwig-Maxilimilians-Univeristät, Munchen).