The Finnish Society of Sciences And Letters


The matters of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters are handled by a board consisting of the chairman, vice chairman, permanent secretary, treasurer, a representative of every section as well as substitutes for all of them and the ninth member.

The execution of the decisions is overseen by the permanent secretary and in economic matters by the treasurer, both chosen “until further notice”. They are assisted by the coordinator of the Society. The board of administration manages the financial administration. The Society’s monthly meetings play a central part in the decision-making.

Composition of the board 29.4.2023 – 29.4.2024
(deputies within brackets)

Chairman: Hannu Koskinen
Vice Chairman: Jan Sundberg
Permanent Secretary: Mats Gyllenberg
Treasurer: Niklas Bruun
Mathematicals and Physics: Heikki Tenhu (Minna Palmroth)
Biosciences: Erik Bonsdorff (Pertti Panula)
Humanities: Pauline von Bonsdorff (Jussi Pakkasvirta)
Social Sciences : John Sumelius (Mikael Collan)
Ninth member: Charlotta Wolff