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For Peace

We, the signatory academies of sciences and technology, condemn the war in Ukraine and support all efforts in advancing peace. The war not only threatens human lives and well-being but also the foundations of civil society, including prerequisites for scientific work. As representatives of the scientific community we appeal to all parties for finding way to restore peace. Our joint efforts have to be channelled towards ensuring peaceful and sustainable coexistence.

For peace, stability, and human rights.
March 1, 2022

Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
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The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

was founded in 1838. It is an Academy for all branches of science and scholarship. Its aim is to promote high-quality research, scholarship, networking and dissemination of information by:

  • arranging presentations, symposia and conferences,
  • publishing scholarly contributions,
  • awarding prizes,
  • providing financial support,
  • promoting national and international contacts,
  • stimulating transdisciplinary discussion.

Members and sections

The Society has ordinary members, foreign members and honorary members. All members are permanent and invited by the Plenum of the Society. At the age of 67 years, an ordinary member reaches the ranks of the Seniors and a new ordinary member is invited.

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Monday 19.12. at 5 p.m. at the House of Nobility, Ritarikatu 1, Helsinki

  • Lecture by Vesa Olkkonen: ”Lipoproteiinit: Verenkierron rasvojen kuljettajat hyvässä ja pahassa”
  • Lecture by Martina Reuter: ”Mary Wollstonecraft, Frans Michael Franzén och Åbo Tidningar 1797-1831”

The lectures are open for the public, but registration is required (at not later than 14.12.2022.


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The Permanent Secretary´s blog

Svante Pääbo has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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Svante Pääbo, foreign member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution. ...

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